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Ever since I saw Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, I wanted to make a film destroying Jar-Jar Binks. I had had a Super8 camera for around a year, but didn't know where to get film. Finally, three months ago, I found a source: my local Walgreens pharmacy. I ordered three rolls of Kodachrome 40 movie film (I have no idea how they got less than five). My first roll was made up of of home movies. I sent it to Kodak, and got it 12 days later (it came in the 10th day [April 22nd], but I didn't pick it up until April 24th). I decided to use my second roll exclusively for this new movie, "Jar-Jar In Space!", which involves a Jar-Jar Binks action figure duct-taped to a model rocket, and then launched. I launched the rocket April 23rd, but I couldn't find a suitable ending for Jar-Jar until May 16th, when I saw a neighbor of mine having a bonfire. Perfect! I grabbed my camera, the action figure (freshly untaped from the rocket) and some hastily-printed subtitles, and rushed to the scene of the fire. The rest is combustible history. Still, I had some time left on the roll, so I decided to film an additional movie on the same roll, "Evil Vegetables! Part One". For 20 seconds, I focused the camera on a head of lettuce (the subtitle reads "What evil lurks in the heads of lettuce?"), then cuts to footage from "Gone With The Wind" (the scene in which Atlanta burns). All in all, an extremely weird movie (or is weird not a strong-enough word?). I sent the film in for processing May 24th, so it should be back in 10-14 days. Hopefully I can get the film transferred to a digital-video camera so I can post the footage on the web for all to download and see. Many of the people I have told about this movie want to see it (this won't be too hard, since I have a semiportable projector (Kodak Instamatic M50) and 50x50 glass-beaded screen (Da-Lite? the label's missing). Even this movie's short, I'm hoping my next movie, titled "The Cheese That Time Forgot!", will span three or more rolls of Plus-X black-and-white Super8 film. Stay tuned!

6/30/19100 UPDATE: The film came back Wednesday, June 7th. Unfortunately, it is not perfect. It is out of focus in parts, and the placards for "Jar-Jar Goes to Hell!" were underexposed, rendering them almost unreadable. Also, the burning scene is too long and Jar-Jar cannot be seen well in some parts, so I will cut most of the burning scene out. I will reshoot some scenes with my remaining roll of Kodachrome 40, then splice the footage into what I've got now. Still even though it is imperfect, I took my uncut film and my Kodak M50 projector to school many times, showing it around 10 times to various audiences. They liked it, so I will edit it and maybe put it on tape for friends. I am also hoping to put it on the internet once it is edited.

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