Pictures of the Star Wars arcade machine

Left of machine

Right of machine

Front of machine

Another shot of the front

Close-up of screen area

Inside of machine

Another pic of the inside, with back cover

The machine's guts

The cathode ray tube

The deflection board

The infamous Amplifone flyback transformer, aka "Dead Red"

More of the HV board, including Dead Red

The board box

Power supply chassis

Coin mechanism plus disconnected harness

Better shot of the harness

Close-up of control

Rear part of control

Floor of main portion

Floor of seat portion

The seat portion

Left of seat portion

Right of seat portion

Back of seat portion

Better shot of the area with the missing marquee and speaker

Bill of sale from Atari Games to it's original owner

Bill of sale from original owner to second owner

Video of the machine in "operation":