Truetone D-727
Bands: AM, SW
Tube Lineup: 6A7, 6D6, 75, 76, 42, 42, 6G5 (eye), 80
This huge Truetone tabletop is another Detrola-made radio with 8-pushbuttons and motorized tuning all for an original price of $39.95 in 1938! My example had several problems that were mostly attributed to missing or incorrect parts. The schematic for the Truetone D-727 cannot be found in Riders but the model cross-references to a Detrola 175. The transformer in this Truetone may have been replaced so the automatic-tuning motor needed a roughly 24-volt power source. A smaller transformer was mounted inside the chassis to provide the 24-volt source. Additionally, the filter capacitors were originally missing so they were replaced in accord to the schematic. A homemade adapter was built to use a military 1629 tuning eye instead of the rarer 6G5/6U5.
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