Kadette 43 "Jewel"
Bands: AM
Tube Lineup: 6C6, 6C6, 12A7
This Kadette "Jewel" was purchased from ebay in good shape to accompany my walnut bakelite model 40 Jewel. Produced by the International Radio Corp, the Jewel was sold in different models for alternative cabinet colors including the 40 (Brown bakelite with tone-tone grille), 41 (Walnut bakelite with agate grille), 42 (Mahogany plaskon with tortoise grille), 43 (Ivory plaskon with alabaster grille), 44 (Chinese red plaskon with coral grille), 45 (Black onyx plaskon with jade grille), and the 46 (Orchid plaskon with moonstone grille) as shown in the ad below. The model 41 was originally priced at $17.50. In 1938, the model number apparently changed to K-43 with a new chassis and the price was reduced to $10.10 as shown in the 1938 dealer brochure snippet below.
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