Some Links

Here are some of the sites I frequent.
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Old Computer Links

The Obsolete Computer Museum - lots of info!
The Digibarn Computer Museum - The Museum
Erik S. Klein's Vintage Computer Collection

Video Game Links

Digital Press - an excellent video game database featuring forums, rarity guides, and more!
Pong Story - history of the first video games
The Atari Historical Society
Blue Sky Rangers - the designers of the Mattel Intellivision
Ralph Baer - the inventor of home video games!

Antique Radio Links

Phils Old Radios- A great source of old radio pictures and restoration information
Antique Radio Forums
Padgett's Trans-Oceanic Page (for fanatics only)
The Philco Repair Bench- an excellent resource for Philco radio repair information
Nostalgia Air- A great source of old radio schematics and tube substitution information
Bill's Antique Radio Emporium- Another source of antique radio restoration information
John Pelhams Antique Radio Collection
Old Radio Zone- a teriffic site with tons of pictures of Zenith and other old radios
Jons Antique Radios- a nice page by another young collector
The Atwater Kent Home Page - a great source for service manuals and other documents pertaining to Atwater Kent radios

Audio Links

AudioKarma forums
Triode Electronics- A good source for vacuum tubes and amplifier schematics
The Unnoficial Dynaco Home Page- a good source of early Dynaco equipment history (archived)
Antique Electronic Supply- a good source for radio tubes and parts

Clock links

Pappy's Telechron page- lots of info on Telechron clocks
Roger Russell's excellent Jefferson Electric page
Timesavers- a great source for clock parts!
Mike's Clock Clinic- lots of repair info and services

Phone links

Bell System Memorial- tons of info about Ma Bell
PhoneCoInc- a source for all sorts of phones and parts
A Tribute To The Telephone- a huge collection of telephone information
Telephone Collectors International
Classic Rotary Phones forum

Other Sites

Dr. Optigan - my goofy music!
Dave's Cracked Home Page
My friend David Jong's webpage