My photos from the Kutztown XLI radio show

On September 20 and 21, 2019, as has been occurring for 20 years now, the Delaware Valley Historic Radio Club (DVHRC) held the 41st edition of their famous antique radio swap meet at Renningers in Kutztown, PA. The show takes up one-and-a-half football field-sized pavilions, with sellers and buyers from all over make the journey to Lehigh County to witness the spectacle. An auction was held at 5PM on Friday, followed by the ever-so-blasphemous bonfire later that night. On Saturday, the empty half of the second pavilion was occupied by conventional flea market sellers, and festivities wound down around noon.

Since others do such a good job taking photos of the more conventional antique radios which show up there, I figured I'd focus my efforts on cataloging the various 'boatanchor' shortwave radios which showed up, along with a few odds and ends I thought folks might find interesting. Also, I took a bunch of photos of some of the cabinets which were 'sacrificed' to the bonfire pit so that other consoles may have space to live in. In case you're wondering, these photos were taken with a Nikon D60 DSLR. Anyway, enjoy!

The view outside my tent on Friday morning:

Another view of the fog:

More fog, plus an early shot of the fire pit and 'death row':

Another view:

My campsite:

Another view:

My first find, a Realistic LAB-300 turntable:

My second find, a very nice Hammarlund SP-600:

The Renningers concession stand, "Just Grillin'":

Kindling for the fire pit, plus a couple of radio cabinets:

Another view of 'death row' as it started to fill in:

Parking area around 8AM on Friday:

Another view:

A view down the left aisle of the main pavilion:

Another view of the left aisle:

Outside vendors:

Another view:

Right aisle of the main pavilion:

Another view of the right aisle:

Some model planes and cars, plus a tombstone radio:

A model of the CN Tower which probably doubled as a radio, plus an RCA Victor timer clock:

Some vintage video gear:

A Hallicrafters S-85, plus a Hammond organ chassis and a vintage Browning CB:

Some nice National gear, plus a Hammarlund SP-600 and a Heathkit capacitor tester:

Another National HRO, plus a Collins R-388 and a SECO tube tester:

A HP spectrum analyzer:

A Lenco L55 turntable:

An OWL-1 phono preamplifier with multiple equalization settings:

An odd Hallicrafters stereo receiver with a turret dial:

A giant power supply of some sort:

A TMC GPR-90 in wonderful shape:

Another view of the GPR-90, plus the loose coupler sitting on top:

Wider view showing the GPR-90's matching speaker:

A Hammarlund HQ-170A:

Part of a table full of boatanchors:

The other boatanchors on that table:

More of that sellers boatanchors:

A SRR-11A military receiver:

A Collins 51J receiver:

An RME-70 receiver, apparently:

A Casio CT-360 keyboard:

An R-110/GRC military receiver by Zenith:

A Raytheon CRP-43071 military transceiver:

An ARC-4 military aircraft transceiver

A nice Hallicrafters SX-62:

Another view of the SX-62 and the R-42 speaker:

A guy carrying a Wimshurst Machine, which did not end up in that trash can:

Gee, Dad, it was a Wurlitzer, err, Lowrey:

A Hammarlund HQ-140X, plus a Hallicrafters FPM-300 transceiver:

A Collins KWS-1 transmitter head, plus a Heathkit HW-101 transceiver

A General Radio 724A 'Precision Wavemeter':

A table full of neat audio gear:

An odd Panasonic TV boombox:

Another odd boombox, a Sharp cassette-only model:

A Kenwood R-1000 receiver:

Another Collins R-388/URR:

A view of the rare tool inside the R-388:

A Heathkit SB-610 monitor scope:

A Kenwood TX-599 transmitter:

Some sort of military tester, possibly a signal generator:

The radio repair bench at the club table:

A table full of test gear:

Another table of audio gear:

A Dual CS-5000 turntable:

A fancy SOTA turntable of some sort:

A Crosley REP receiver which looks like it spent time on the bottom of the ocean:

A Stancor 60N transmitter from the early '40s:

Another table of audio gear:

A classic RCA CTC-5 "round" color TV:

A transcription disc player which was made for the military:

What looks like a normal digital clock radio from the 1970s:

Until you take a closer look at the front panel:

A cool industrial nixie clock:

A rare Hallicrafters SX-23 Skyrider:

An RME receiver plus a VHF converter:

A pile of Hallicrafters receivers:

Some more RME gear:

A National NC-183D receiver:

An RCA oscillator of some sort:

A Collins 75A-1 receiver:

A Hammarlund HQ-150 receiver:

A Hammarlund HQ-145 receiver in rough shape:

Another table of test gear and whatnot:

A HP 310A wave analyzer:

A Hallicrafters S-40A receiver:

A Hammarlund HQ-135 receiver:

Three classic "portable" military radios:

The first two:

The PRC-77:

Close-up view:

The R-392:

An Icom IC-M710 marine receiver, plus a boxed Alinco DR-735 HT and a Drake MS-4 speaker with AC-4 power supply:

A Yaesu FT-102 transceiver:

A Bird 4391A wattmeter:

A URM-25F signal generator:

More finds loaded in my car, this time a TA-341 military phone:

Another view, showing the labels on top:

Yet more finds, a pair of industrial clocks:

Another view without quite as much glare:

A vintage hearse in the parking lot:

A taxi inexplicably parked near the back of the field:

A vintage Volkswagen Type 3:

A tow truck which was parked near a broken-down car:

The Bonfire!


Some collectors may find these images highly disturbing. You have been warned!
The images of the ever-so-blasphemous bonfire can be found:


Saturday Morning

On Saturday, the empty half of the second pavilion is filled up with normal flea market vendors. Sometimes, they have radio/electronics-related items with them, which is nice. I concentrated my photo-taking in that area early on in the day, but took a few more pictures in the main pavilion as the day wore on. Here they are:

A shot of the flea market vendor area:

More flea market vendors:

Mmm, yummy snacks! And some other stuff:

Train stuff:

More train stuff:

Some electronic stuff, and tools:

An odd sign which looks like something out of a bingo hall, but for a different, unknown card game:

A close-up of one side:

And the other side:

A seller who had some weapons:

Their other offerings:

Another view of the flea market area:

And another:

Over in the main pavilion, there was a new seller near the front who had various musical instruments for sale:

Some guitars, plus a Kustom amp and some antiques:

More guitars, and some banjos:

Still more guitars, and a violin:

Speaking of guitars, a seller across the pavilion had a pink Squier Mini Stratocaster on his table:

Another view of the pink Strat:

Another musical instrument nearby, an Emenee chord organ:

A Philco bakelite cathedral radio made for the British market, referred to by some as their "People's Set":

An R-100/URR military "morale receiver", made by Majestic:

Anyway, that's it for my photos. Can't wait for the next Kutztown show!