Photos from the 2021 NorthEast HamXposition show!

Here are some pictures I took at the NorthEast HamXposition show in Marlborough, MA on September 11, 2021. This show was formerly held in Boxborough, but they decided to move it; it was intended to first be held at this location last year, but the pandemic caused them to hold it 'virtually' instead. They were able to hold it this year, though mask restrictions were still in place indoors. For those who care, I took these photos with a Nikon D60 DSLR camera. Anyway, enjoy!

Some views of the parking lot when I got there:

A nice Corvette spotted outside the hotel.

A view of the first aisle, around 9AM.

A vendor's vintage Land Rover, commonly seen at local shows.

The outside vendors. Some of these photos were taken out-of-sequence, but I've tried to slot them generally in where they were placed within the aisles. Anyway, here they are:

Yes, I bought that Atari.

Lawn darts! Don't tell the CPSC...

A PRC-77 military transceiver.

An AN/GRR-5 receiver, aka "Angry 5"

An old Teletype machine. The punched tape reader was sitting nearby.

A different tape reader they had.

A very expensive Nagra tape recorder sitting nearby.

A Tono Theta 7000 RTTY data terminal.

An Apple Monitor IIc sitting next to the Tono.

A big clock with 12/24 hour markings. Yes, I bought that too.

Close-up of the S-20 and HQ-180

An old Kohler generator.

Another view from later in the day.

Yes, I bought that as well..........

Close-up of the HP ThinkJet printer.

A Tenma "Universal Test Center" with a netbook sitting on top.

A funky frequency meter sitting on that table.

An odd Soviet boatanchor on the same table.

A man and his Amiga monitor.

Close-up of the Hammarlund HQ-129X.

Close-up of the Collins ART-13 transmitter.

No, I didn't buy this sewing machine.

E.T. phone home.....

Some nice non-ham wares.

Closer view of the Heathkit (and Yaesu) gear, taken later in the day.

Close-up of the Enigma machine.

Some nice old Grundig portables.

Close-up of the RCA RBB and RBC receivers.

Close-up of the Collins R-389 receiver.

Close-up of the Hammarlund SP-400 and National RBL-2 receivers under the table.

Later view of this table.

An old Eddystone receiver.

Close-up of the BC-348Q receiver.

Timtron WA1HLR being shown something.

A photo of the outer aisle.

No idea why someone brought this to sell.

A plethora of Astatic D104 microphones, along with some other mics and whatnot.

A closer view of the Zenith TransOceanics.

A National NC-44 receiver.

No, I didn't buy that clock.

A Grundig Satellit 800

Some antennas near his setup, taken later in the day.

Some sort of funky (TV?) transmitter.

Some weird Hello Kitty sign thing.

Some weird robot dog thing.

Some more photos from outside the hotel:

A pair of eagles soaring in the air over the show.

A plane seen overhead.

A large flag seen flying beyond the parking lot.

Some more of the cars in the parking lot:

A Chevy Suburban with two funky antennas on top.

A better view of the antennas.

It should be noted that the two above cars were parked right across from each other.

Here are some views heading into the hotel:

The revolving door heading in.

A booth visible immediately inside the hotel.

Another booth further in.

The hallway outside the indoor vendor area.

A cool satellite antenna sitting in the hallway.

Some of the indoor vendors' booths:

Some views of the outdoor vendor area after exiting the hotel:

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my photos! Hopefully, there will be less of a need for face masks next year...