How to remove the chassis on a tube-type Zenith TransOceanic

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This info provided by Don May of the (now-defunct) TransOceanic Mailing List:

1. First disconnect the telescoping antenna wire and the three prong plug for the wavemagnet antenna.(red folded plastic)

2. Remove the telescoping antenna. There are two nuts holding the bracket to a wood block in the battery compartment.

3. Remove the knobs.

4. If there is a front panel headphone jack and dial light switch, remove the two screws holding the dial light switch and carefully remove the nut around the headphone jack.

5. The two main chassis mount screws are reached through the two holes in the bottom of the case. The chassis is bolted to the floor of center divider in the case. Some are mounted with slotted heads screws so a long screwdriver is needed. Some have hex heads you need a long socket wrench to reach them through the battery compartment.

6. You should now be able to slide the chassis out. You may need to slightly tilt the rear up as you remove it to allow clearance at the top of the dial plate. Also watch the wires that go to the wavemagnet move as necessary so they clear the top of the panel plate as you slide the chassis out.

(Editor's note: this applies to H500 and up tube-type TransOceanics only, not solid-state models, or the earlier tube versions.)

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