General Electric 805 "Locomotive"
General Electric 805 "Locomotive"
This 19-tube tabletop black and white television manufactured by General Electric is enclosed in a beautiful all-bakelite brown cabinet. These sets were popular in the late forties and featured a transformerless design with the tube filaments wired in series like Christmas lights to help reduce the weight. A 10BP4 or 10FP4 CRT was used for the 10-inch screen.

I purchased this example from a VRPS auction in November 2003. Read more on the restoration notes. JPEG scans of the schematics from the SAMS Photofacts for the GE 805 television are available here:

  • General Information and Block Diagram
  • Parts List
  • Tube Layout - T version
  • Tube Layout - U version
  • Schematic - 1st half
  • Schematic - 2nd half
    General Electric 805 "Locomotive"
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