Tektronix 214
Tektronix 214
The Tektronix 214 first appeared in the Tektronix 1974 Products catalog at a price of $985 and is a very small portable dual-trace CRT oscilloscope with 500KHz bandwidth. The 214 has rechargeable batteries built in and is capable of operating for several hours without AC power and is great for use out in the field. Two unique features of the 214 is the built-in storage screen for slow moving waveforms or capturing a single sweep, and horizontal input capability to use the scope as a XY monitor. I used the 214 while in college because it did not occupy too much space despite the 214 being 35 years old at the time. The original battery in the 214 was long gone when I bought the scope off ebay, but replacing the pack with new NiCad cells did the trick. Usually these small scopes have power supply problems due to bad batteries.
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