Mantola 477-5QL

Mantola 477-5QL


Bands: AM

Tube Lineup: 12SA7, 12K7, 12SQ7, 35Z5, 50L6

Produced by Continental Radio & Television Corp for B.F. Goodrich, this Mantola 477-5QL is a neat small radio with a streamline design. The cabinet design is also seen in the Admiral 5R series and other Mantola models. During this time, Admiral typically offered their radios with a choice of cabinet colors including brown bakelite, ivory and "Onyx" beetle. I'm not aware of this particular Mantola model offered in other colors, but I have seen earlier or later model Mantola radios using the same cabinet but with a different airplane dial style offered in brown bakelite cabinets.

Like Admiral brand radios, the chassis model for technical information are the digits after the dash in the model number. The chassis model 5QL for this Mantola can be found in the Rider schematics under Continental Radio & Television Corp.

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