Philco 49-500

Philco 49-500


Bands: AM

Tube Lineup: 7A8, 14A7, 14B6, 50A5, 35Z5

The 1949 Philco 49-500 is the last in a long line of models using the same bakelite cabinet starting with the PT-91 in 1942. I have seen this model with variations in the airplane dial design. The example shown here appears to be a 1948 model 48-200 dial mounted on a 49-500 chassis, or this is an early production model using up the remaining inventory of 48-200 dials.

Philco models with this cabinet design were very successful in sales and today are generally easy to find. The brown bakelite 48-200 was originally priced at $19.95 in 1948 and 95,550 were produced.

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