Philco 49-503 "Flying Wedge"

Philco 49-503 "Flying Wedge"


Bands: AM

Tube Lineup: 7A8, 14A7, 14B6, 50A5, 35Z5

The "Flying Wedge" Philco, characterized by the magnificent combination of a round dial and a wedge on the front, was found in a friend's attic and made its way in my collection for an amazing thirty dollars! The speaker was gone and the radio had missing parts, which were quite tough problems to tackle at first. The speaker was replaced with a modern 8-ohm equivalent and the electronics were thoroughly recapped and checked against the schematics. But for weeks, the radio refused to utter a syllable. The problem turned out to be a bad wire and now the radio plays like a champion. This cabinet has been used for varous models with different color choices. Note that the knobs in the picture are not original.

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