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This page is meant to provide outside references for those who are interested in learning more or finding parts. Please contact me if you would like to add a link to your website in a related category. This is not advertising space to link to a random business and requests of that nature will be rejected.

All links were last tested on August 2019.

Antique Radio and Other Collections

  • Adam's Home Page of Old Stuff
  • Art's Antique Radios
  • Bill's Antique Radio Emporium
  • Classic Radio Gallery
  • Deco Radios
  • Detrola Radio Homepage
  • Early TV Foundation
  • Eric's Vintage Television Sets
  • Fan Collectors Association
  • Indiana Radios
  • Jeremy's Antique Radios
  • Jim Crosley's Antique Radio Page
  • John Jenkins Vintage Radio Collection
  • John Rose's Vintage Radio Home
  • Kilokat's Antique Light Bulb Site
  • (Lebanon's First Radio Website)
  • PakRatz Classic Radio and Television Sets
  • Phil's Old Radios
  • Radiola Guy
  • Reverse Time Page
  • Sal's Antique Radios
  • Supreme Instruments - collection of vintage Supreme instruments (tube testers, etc.)
  • Steve's Antiques
  • Tube Radio Land

    Antique Radio & Television Dealers or Repair Services

  • Abdy Antiques - repairs vintage British phones
  • Camden Antique Radio Service - affordable antique radio repair and schematics. Located in Indianapolis, IN.
  • Crosley Radio - Reproduction radios
  • Gary Arnold's
  • Primeau Music
  • Radio Age
  • Radio Attic
  • Radio Era Archives
  • The Antique Radio Store
  • Tom's Antique Radio Repair

    Information and Part Sources for Antique Radios, Televisions, etc.

  • A.G. Tannenbaum - Service manuals
  • Antique Electronic Supply - Radio and reproduction parts
  • Antique Radios Collector's Resource - the forums here are the best place for radio and TV discussions
  • Chuck Schwark's Philco Repair Bench
  • Duncan Amp Pages - Tube datasheets
  • John Kendall's Vintage Electronics
  • JustRadios - Capacitors and schematics for tube radios
  • NJ7P Tube Database Search - great site for fast look up of tube pinout and data
  • Nostalgia Air- FREE Riders schematics and information
  • Radio Attic Archives - Photographs of thousands of identified radios
  • Radio Daze - one stop shop for radio repair needs including reproduction dial scales and grille cloth
  • Renovated Radios - excellent source for reproduction radio knobs
  • Vacuum Tubes Inc.
  • Vintage Radio & Phonograph Society (VRPS)
  • World Tube Company

    Solid-State Electronics, Projects, and Information

  • - excellent source for various IC datasheets
  • - Resources on obsolete and new semiconductor parts, datasheets, cross references
  • Discover Circuits - a collection of thousands free electronic circuits
  • - Lots of information on vintage PONG games

    Tesla Coil and High Voltage Projects

  • Bill Beaty's Nikola Tesla Page
  • Gary Lau's Tesla Coil Page
  • Jochen's High Voltage Page
  • Richie's Tesla Coil Web Page
  • Steve Ward's Tesla Coil Page
  • The Tesla Coil Mailing List

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