My photos from the Kutztown XLV radio show

On May 13 and 14, 2022, the Delaware Valley Historic Radio Club (DVHRC) held the 45th edition of their famous antique radio swap meet at Renningers in Kutztown, PA. They were able to hold one this past fall, but I didn't take any photos there. The club was finally able to hold an auction this time around for the first time since before the Covid-19 pandemic, and the ever-so-blasphemous bonfire went on as (ab)normal (albeit started a bit early due to rainfall earlier in the day). Unlike earlier shows, there weren't many conventional flea market sellers in the second pavilion on Saturday, for some reason. As usual, festivities wound down around noon on Saturday.

Unlike my previous photo set, I aimed to take photos of things besides boat anchors and test equipment, though there's still plenty of those. While others do a great job taking photos of nice antique radios, I decided to make my own attempt at it. I aimed to get a good view of what things looked like on Friday morning when the crowds were let in (though some tables still hadn't been opened for the day when I was doing so, so there will be some gaps). Also unlike last time, I managed to take a few photos on Saturday morning since I bought a new larger memory card for my Nikon D60 DSLR, so I had plenty of room after taking a bunch of photos of some of the cabinets which were 'sacrificed' to the bonfire pit so that other consoles may have space to live in, not to mention spare parts for transplants. However, I also ended up snapping over 900 photos, so most of these will be presented without comment, and in roughly the same order in which they were taken as I walked around. As always, enjoy!

The view outside my tent on Friday morning:

Another view, also showing the new 'accommodations' near the tenting area:

View of my and other campsites:

More campsites nearby, including The Cot:

Another view:

A shot of the parking area:

Another view:

Nice to see "Just Grillin'" back in operation:

View inside the main pavilion:

Various vendors and their wares:

One of a few Atwater Kent 'breadboard' radios which showed up:

An interesting "Triode Demonstrator" which showed up:

Another view:

Yes, I did end up buying that KLH 8, though for less than $200:

"In Soviet Russia, radio listens to YOU!" /gets shot

A table full of audio gear:

More audio gear, plus a couple of radios:

A great source for phono needles, plus other audio stuff:

A few old TVs, and parts of them:

A bunch of tools, plus cleaning supplies:

A couple of close-up shots of the Radiola 24:

The DVHRC club table:

A Scott SLR-M marine receiver:

A Bang & Olufsen Beosound 1 "music center", which I did not buy:

A BC-375 military transmitter from WWII:

A rusty National RAO receiver. No idea why this photo turned out so fuzzy:

No idea what this is:

One of these things is not like the others...

Okay, two of them aren't:

Another oddity in the crowd:

Nope, I didn't buy that, either:

A nice Predicta at the same table, with a matching stand:

Some more audio gear:

A National FB-series receiver, pre-dating the HRO:

A table full of tubes and old light bulbs:

More audio gear, plus some toys:

The jukebox guys didn't have a jukebox this time, so this was the closest we got besides a couple of call-boxes:

More audio gear, plus some guitar amps:

A turntable, plus some test equipment:

I have no idea:

The repair bench at the DVHRC club table, featuring Peter Wieck:

Mike Koste and "Gobs of Knobs":

A Hampden Engineering 302B AC ammeter, which I stupidly did not buy:

A couple of pairs of speakers, plus some other audio gear:

A sign of the times...

One of the several nice Midwest consoles which showed up:

An old payphone, sadly with a broken handset hook:

The NEARC club table, helmed by Bruce Phillips and Tom Scarpelli:

Bruce's offerings:

Tom and his tubes (and radios):

The guy with all the neat early cone (and horn) speakers:

The classic Jefferson "Golden Hour" clock, which I did not buy:

A view down the other aisle of the main pavilion:

The one outside vendor which showed up:

Another view of the outside vendor:

I can hear Sammy Hagar in my head:

Yes, I bought this keyboard:

More of the outside vendor's stuff:

Still more:

A couple of views going into the second pavilion:

Closer view of the R-392, which has shown up at several of these shows:

Several wristwatches this vendor was selling:

Yes, I ended up buying this one (plus another):

The clocks he had on the other side of his booth:

Another view:

And another:

A funky Westinghouse alarm clock he had which I ended up buying:

"I love trash..."

"...I love it because it's trash!"

"Smile, you're on candid camera!"

A table with lots of audio gear:

Another table with audio gear, mostly tube amps:

They also had some early battery sets:

Spotted on a table...I have no idea.

A nice display of tubes nearby:

Another on the same table:

A weird Midwest "Organ-Fonic" speaker box (used in consoles like this one) spotted nearby:

A couple more early TVs:

Chrome Central, or Lotsa Scotts:

Aurora Old Radios, aka "Kirk Alley":

Oddly, I ended up buying this:

A couple of views of the old phone, which I did not buy:

He managed to sell most of these!

A pair of large DCM speakers he had behind the consoles:

A few more tables of audio gear:

A nice Yaesu FRG-7000 receiver which I didn't buy:

A close-up of those Arcturus blue tubes:

Oddly, I didn't buy any of these:

Oddly, I didn't buy this, either:

Another table of audio gear, but...

...with a nice Predicta pedestal located off the end:

A bunch of tape decks:

No, I did not buy that KLH 21, though I considered it:

Closer view of those transcription discs:

A closer view of the weird Akai reel-to-reel/cassette deck combo:

Another reel-to-reel deck he had:

The odd Nordmende Tasti off the end of that table:

Still more audio gear:

Flame Linear, err, Phase Linear 400:

A couple more guitar amplifiers:

More audio gear:

A closer view of the rare Ortofon TC-3000 phono cartridge analyzer:

More parts:

Closer views of the TMC GSB-1 SSB converter:

A couple of nice Technics radio station turntables:

Another old TV, an early Fada:

A bunch of vintage test equipment, including a curve tracer:

The Stereo Lab booth, featuring a very nice audio setup:

Believe they were Leak components and Wharfedale speakers:

A vintage Hewlett-Packard power supply:

Several tables of parts:

Another parts seller:

A box for a vintage CRT; not sure if the tube was in there, but possibly:


A nice Grundig Satellit 210, aka Transistor 6001:

A weird punching bag thing seen outside the second pavilion later in the afternoon:

The Auction

Canceled during the pandemic, DVHRC was finally able to hold an auction in the Renningers "White Room". I took these photos shortly before the auction started, beginning with the items up for bid, and ending with a few shots of the crowd as they were filing in. Anyway, here they are:

The Bonfire!


Some collectors may find these images highly disturbing. You have been warned!
The images of the ever-so-blasphemous bonfire can be found:


Saturday Morning

On Saturday, attendance was down compared to the previous day, and also compared to other Saturdays I've been there. Not sure if they were scared away by the impending storms. Unlike before the pandemic, there were few normal flea market vendors in the front half of the second pavilion on Saturday, mostly radio/audio sellers from the day before. I started out taking photos of whatever might've been new inside the second pavilion, then took some photos of whatever I might've missed in the main pavilion on the first day. Here they are:

The view outside my tent on Saturday morning:

Another view:

Still another view:

View of my and other campsites on Saturday morning:

The parking area on Saturday morning:

The inside of a truck outside the second pavilion:

The crowd inside the second pavilion on Saturday morning:

A ham radio vendor who wasn't there on Friday:

An Atwater Kent metal box set he had:

Another new vendor:

I ended up buying this ITT/Kellogg "Cinderella" phone from him:

A manual binder for a Collins ART-13 transmitter:

A rare SABA 9260 stereo receiver:

A piece of grill cloth being sold by one of the sellers:

A Howard Miller world time clock which I did not buy:

An interesting Lodestar radio direction finder:

An odd humidor-looking desk radio:

A table with some toys on it, plus a couple of radios:

A close-up of one of the toys:

A rough-looking R-390A military receiver:

Top view of the R-390A:

The usual table with all the candy-colored radios on it:

The "Buy It Now" section of the DVHRC club table:

Peter's audio setup:

More stuff on the club table:

Some stuff from the booth next to the NEARC table, moved across the aisle for some reason:

Bruce Phillips of NEARC asked me to take a few photos of the wares inside his van:

Near the end of the show, someone showed up with a Rockola jukebox of some sort strapped in the back of his truck:

Anyway, that's it for my photos. Can't wait for the next Kutztown show!