Crosley 167 "Dual Fiver"

Crosley 167 "Dual Fiver"


Bands: AM

Tube Lineup: 58, 58, 58, 42, 80

The Crosley cathedral was purchased at a private auction. The speaker cutouts were missing some layers of veneer and some wood. I decided to paint the cutouts black so any piece of veneer could be used to reconstruct the cutouts without trying to match the wood or stain. The cabinet was also missing the right base trim, which I reproduced using a variety of tools from a router to a Dremel. The trim was also painted black so any type of wood could be used. The electronics simply needed recapping and alignments. The dial, unfortunately, was broken in several pieces and some pieces were missing. An excellent reproduction dial was obtained from Rock Sea Enterprises before they sold their reproduction dial business to Radio Daze.

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