Crosley 168 "Dual Seven"

Crosley 168 "Dual Seven"


Bands: AM, SW

Tube Lineup: 58, 58, 58, 56, 2A5, 2A6, 80

This Crosley cathedral was purchased off ebay in relatively fair condition. The seller held the assumption that I would only use the parts and did not properly pack the radio for shipping. Consequently, the radio arrived to me literally in pieces. The bottom of the shipping box was filled with powder and whatever remained of the cabinet. Veneer split everywhere. The chassis was a complete bucket of rust. This was one of my worst purchase decisions, yet I felt the urge to resurrect this radio from the dead even if it meant rebuilding the jigsaw puzzle piece by piece. The Crosley in the picture is the final result of a long restoration process. Read more on the restoration process

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