1953 Rover P4 75

May 2018 - Rear axle and brakes

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Preparing to remove the drum brake back plate from the axle.

Both axle shafts removed from the rear axle housing for cleaning, paint and new shaft seals. Make sure to note which side is which because they are not identical in length.

Rear axle and suspension parts after wire wheeling and cleaning. Ready for primer and paint.

I used the same Master Series Coatings silver primer that I used on the frame and front suspension for the rear axle components. The only exception were the rear leaf springs, which were painted using regular enamel spray paint because enamels are softer than urethanes. I was uncertain about Master Series being able to flex and was concerned that it'd crack and peel when the springs flex.

Rear axle all reassembled and brake lines added! I used 3/16" copper nickel brake lines to replace the crusty original lines. New British-Girling brake line end fittings were purchased from FedHill (Federal Hill Trading Company in the USA). Rear slave cylinders and shoes were replaced with new parts from JR Wadhams in the UK.

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