1953 Rover P4 75

August 2018 - Body sand blasting and paint

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Wire wheeling all the old paint off the body before sand blasting. In the last photo above, notice how the top of the body was stamped separately from the lower portion and lead was used to fill the seams. Old school approach before you had bondo.

After sand blasting. I did the same process all over again for the body undercarriage in the pictures to follow.

Undercarriage after wire wheeling. I also sand blasted before painting. This was a very filthy job that I would not ever want to do again.

Epoxy primer

I used a standard HVLP sprayer for applying paint to most of the body. For the undercarriage, I used a siphon feed sprayer so I could spray upward from the ground.

Spare tire shelf

Black paint

For the black paint application on the firewall, undercarriage and floor boards I chose to use a single stage urethane so no clear coat is required. I applied 2 coats.

Notice the body is sitting on new 4x4 jack stands so I could strip and paint the undercarriage without obstruction.

Undercarriage came out very nice and clean. Body is all ready to go back on the frame!

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