1953 Rover P4 75

February 2019 - First test drive!

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Now the P4 is mostly back in one piece and all the essential equipment are functioning - brakes, engine, transmission and column gear selector. I proceeded to hook up the driveshaft to take it for a test drive. What else is missing? Sure, there are no seats. I'll sit on a toolbox for now. I don't have a fuel tank either because the original has more holes than Swiss cheese so I used a small 1 gallon plastic jug in the trunk with a hose leading to the electric fuel pump. Good enough for a short putt up and down the street.

The P4 moved under its own power for the first time in many years and I survived! Brakes work although one wheel was dragging and needed adjustment. Engine ran smooth and acceleration was decent. Transmission moved through the first 2 gears in Drive so that was good, but I did not attempt to drive too fast to hit 3rd gear. That'll be for a later test and God forbid it has a problem with 3rd gear.

Here's a video of the P4 going back and forth on the driveway for the first time. And then a putt up and down the street going at most probably 20mph. Now the P4 can move on its own power and is ready to take to the local high school for further body and paint work.

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