1953 Rover P4 75

April 2019 - Prep for final paint

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Now that the P4 can easily move itself around on its own power, it is time to prepare for the final paint step. Before the P4 can be painted, all the small dents and scrapes need to be smoothed out with body filler. I had never worked with body filler before so it was a learning experience on this P4.

The trunk or boot as the English call it was in the worst shape of the entire car with numerous hail dents. In retrospect, I probably should have put a thin layer of bondo on the entire door because it'd be easier to smooth out the entire surface.

All the surface pitting in the door sills were smoothed out.

After all the body filler was applied, cured and sanded down with 100 grit, the repaired areas were sealed with a coat of epoxy primer.

Looking smoother now and ready for final paint!

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