1953 Rover P4 75

May 2019 - Final paint!

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Day 1

Ready to load up on a trailer for paint.

Now off to a local high school auto body paint booth.

Unloaded and in the paint booth and ready to go. At this point, the entire body only has an epoxy primer layer applied on top of clean sandblasted metal or body filler. The next step is to apply 2K sandable primer and glaze filler to remedy even more minor imperfections in the body that are more visible in booth lighting.

Day 2

2K primer applied and glazing for small dents and imperfections.

After sanding the 2K primer and glazing, a final epoxy primer coat was applied before final paint.

Now the P4 is British Racing Green! This P4 was painted using a 2 stage process with base color followed by clear coat. This is the same color and process that was first tested out on the wheel rims back in June 2018. The base color is a customized mix using a VW paint code 44249 (OEM code L60E) "Irish Green" with tinting white reduced and metallic flakes added.

Day 3

P4 after 6 coats of clear with 1000 grit sanding in between 3 coats.

Day 4

Loading up the P4 to tow back home.

Arrived home!

Now the next step is a lot of tedious wet sanding and polishing to reduce the orange peel in the clear coat.

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