1953 Rover P4 75

August 2019 - Second test drive!

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During the first test drive back in February 2019, the P4 had no seats or any interior upholstery, no brake lights or windows. The transmission was verified to shift up to 2nd gear but 3rd gear was still unconfirmed to work. So now the P4 has progressed to the point of being a comfortable and drivable car so it was time for another test drive up and down the street in a far more complete car with an actual fuel tank instead of a 1-gallon jug in the trunk!

The P4 went up to 35 mph and shifted through all the normal 3 gears in the automatic transmission so these are confirmed to be functional. The 4th overdrive gear is electrically activated with a pushbutton that has yet to be installed and will be the next test.

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